Sparking Minds

So you can shape the future, we turn the
best ideas from business, science and society into
exceptional, shareable learning experiences.


How we help

Changing the future is hard work

Introducing important, new ideas to the world takes skill and effort. Good Tutorial helps by communicating your ideas
effectively and in a way that will be remembered. We do this by turning the best non-fiction books
being published today into powerful, film-based tutorials that can be viewed and shared on-line.

An idea that takes you forward  

As a thought-leader in your field, you probably share your ideas in books already. Publishing is important, however,
no matter how exciting an idea is finding the time to read is a real struggle for your audience.
And, actually, books don't work that well. The next day we recall less than a quarter of what we've read.

Good Tutorial uses research from the cognitive sciences to transform the best contemporary books - books that introduce new
perspectives from business, science and society
- into film tutorials. Our tutorial method dramatically improves how people understand and engage with your ideas. Our digital format makes it easy for you to share your work on-line, opening up worlds of connection.

Why it works

A Good Tutorial film does three important things well:

1. We work with film
It might seem obvious - but did you know that we learn much more when both our eyes and ears are engaged? Also, as film is digital, our tutorials can be shared on-line, via your website and other social media channels.

2. We connect your audience with you
At the heart of a Good Tutorial is an in-depth interview with the author of the book. Research shows that it's vital your audience gets to know you and hear your own summary of your work.

3. We provide a structure that helps your audience learn
Good Tutorial's films are overlaid with graphics that structure our author interviews. This structure helps your audience absorb and recall your ideas, meaning they can be put into action.

Our "Essence" Good Tutorials can be watched in 20 minutes. To give your audience more depth and support, we also produce longer courses based on the the Good Tutorial method.  

Move into film

Good Tutorial launches in 2017.

When you fill in our registration form, you’ll become part of the Good Tutorial pre-launch.

We’ll send you regular updates, coaching you on how to prepare to make a Good Tutorial film.

We'll also send you our pilot footage so you can see how we turn brilliant ideas into powerful films.