Sparking Minds

We turn the best books about science and
society into exceptional learning experiences.

How we help

We want you to deepen your skills; we want you to be sparked by new ideas and use them to change how you do your job and live your life.

Until now books - or reports, articles and papers - have been used to share new ideas. No matter how exciting or important the ideas are, in today's busy world finding time to read is a real struggle. And, actually, books don't work that well. The next day we recall only a quarter of what we've read. Astoundingly, most of our reading effort is wasted.

Good Tutorial provides a fresh solution.  

We use research from the cognitive sciences to transform the best contemporary ideas - new perspectives from science, business, society and psychology that are shaping our world - into powerful, film-based tutorials. Our tutorial method dramatically improves recall as well as your ability to use new ideas.

Good Tutorial delivers genius to your screen and life. We launch in 2017.

Why it works

At Good Tutorial we do three things well:

1. We select the right ideas
Good Tutorial only works with ideas that are changing the world, creating tutorials about the best new ideas in areas relevant to you.  

2. We engage with the work's creator
At the heart of a Good Tutorial is an in-depth interview with the author of the book or report. This means you get to know the author and hear their own summary of their work.

3. We give new ideas structure so you can learn easily
Good Tutorial's interview films are overlaid with graphics that structure our author interviews and really help your mind absorb new ideas.  

You'll be able to watch all our tutorials on a dedicated web channel.

Get thinking

Good Tutorial will launch in 2017.

When you fill in our registration form, you’ll become part of the Good Tutorial pre-launch. We’ll send you updates about the authors and books we are working with. You’ll also get to view and review our Good Tutorial pilot films for free.